Weighing and Storing Grain

As you start brewing more often and at larger volumes, you’ll inevitably begin to purchase grain by the sack. At that point, you’ll need a scale to weigh your grain and a storage container.

I have six of these air-tight containers to store my most used base grains.

Storage Container
Air-tight container for storing grain.


The scale I use allows me to weigh up to 50 pounds of grain at a time. It has a detachable face, so I can have the bucket in one place and the display at a location better suited for reading.

https://amzn.to/31Fnscl Scale used for weighing grain.


I hope these couple quick tips help you in your continued brewing adventure!

Disconnecting Gas

I’ll be posting little “quick tips” here and there. Just a quick little blurb with one small tip.

This one is about disconnecting your gas line. When you shut off the gas to your kegs, always disconnect from the keg first. It is just a good habit to get into. This is especially important when you are removing the keg from your conditioning fridge while you have been force carbonating it. Depending on how full you have the keg, if you shut the gas off without removing the quick disconnect from the keg, the pressure will force beer back up into your gas line. You really don’t want this. It could even push back into your manifold. You will have a big mess then. That leads to a good bit of cleaning.