Welcome to my adventures in brewing!  I will be sharing my journey during my time brewing. All the way from the humble Mr. Beer beginnings to my full Electric Brewery in a dedicated room of my home.

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Thank you and enjoy!

What’s on tap now


I started down the brewing path back in 2012 when I purchased a Mr. Beer kit. Did two batches with that which came out surprisingly good.

From there, moved up to extract kits like this one. Then moved up to partial mash and Brew In A Bag (BIAB).

The obvious next progression is all grain. Like most people, I started simple. Same kettle as used previously plus a bunch of coolers.

Again, like a lot of people, I got the idea of starting a place. So, in order to get better at the whole process, did a lot of studying and put together a full electric brewery system.

I hope to share my experiences with you down this road… I hope you enjoy it. I know I have.


Weighing Grain

As you start brewing more often and at larger volumes, you’ll inevitably begin to purchase grain by the sack. At that point, you’ll need a scale to weigh your grain and a storage container. I have five of these air-tight containers to store my most used base grains. https://amzn.to/2QIdbJX The scale I use allows me …

Spray Bottles

As brewers, we need spray bottles for various things. Most notably for water and StarSan. Some quick tips regarding bottles. First for the water bottles, you can just use inexpensive bottles. To make these very easy to identify when working, wrap the bottle with 2″ wide blue painters tape. This will make it very easy …


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