Step 3: Sanitizing

Sanitizing is the act of making a surface more hygienic. Sanitization helps remove germs, creating a healthier environment for your beer. Without sanitizing, you run the risk of not only spoiling your beer but getting the people you share your beer with sick.

Quick Tip

Always add water before chemicals. This minimizes the chances of splashing chemicals.

The third step is sanitization. For this use Five Star Sani-Clean. Dump the water from the washer, being careful to not lose any components if you placed them back in the reservoir after rinsing with the spray rinser, and add one gallon of fresh cool water to the reservoir. Next, add 6 ml of Sani-Clean. Always add the chemical after the water to avoid splashing the chemical on yourself.

Run each keg on the washer for a minimum of three minutes. Once that is done, pull the keg off, put the spare ball lock disconnect on the beer post to drain as much sanitizer out as you can, and dump it.

Reassemble the keg with the gas post and lid. Be sure to firmly tighten the gas post with a box wrench.

Place the finished keg to the side and place the next one on the keg washer.

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