Vienna Lager

A moderate-strength continental amber lager with a soft, smooth maltiness and a balanced, moderate bitterness, yet finishing relatively dry. The malt flavor is clean, bready-rich, and somewhat toasty.









About this Recipe

This is a SMASH beer – Single Malt and Single Hop – so the color is a bit on the lighter side, but it is a delicious beer. To make this beer a bit darker and have a stronger malt backbone, add 2 pounds of Crystal-40.

  • 24 Pounds Vienna Malt
  • 2.5 Ounces Cascade Hops
  • White Labs WLP830 German Lager yeast


  • 88.5% Mash Efficiency
  • 1.064 Original Gravity
  • 1.014 Final Gravity
  • .24 BU/GU Ratio


We are looking for a balanced sulfate to chloride ratio. BeerSmith can help with calculating the amounts. You’ll need to know your water profile to start. I start with reverse osmosis water, so these additions will vary from yours if you don’t use RO water. You are looking for the following targets: Calcium: 50, Magnesium: 10, Sodium:16, Chloride:70, Sulfate:70

Mash Additions

Sparge Additions

  • 1g Gypsum
  • 3.5g Epsom Salt
  • 4.5g Calcium Chloride
  • 1.2g Gypsum
  • 4.2g Epsom Salt
  • 5.4g Calcium Chloride


Temperature 152

Time 60 minutes

Mash in with 9.72 gallons of water to create a 1.5 qt/lb mash ratio


Sparge for approximately one hour with 168 degree water.


We use a 60-minute boil schedule for this beer. We have three hop additions, 1 oz Cascade (5.5% AA) at 60 minutes, 1 oz Cascade (5.5% AA) at 30 minutes and .5 oz Cascade (5.5% AA) at 5 minutes.


Chill the wort to 50 degrees F and pitch the WLP830 German Lager Yeast. Let fermentation go for 14 days and raise the temperature to 62 degrees F for a diacetyl rest for three days. 


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