Step 2: Rinsing

Quick Tip

Always rinse between different chemicals.

Once all the kegs have been cleaned, the next step is to rinse them. Being careful to not lose any of the components in the reservoir, dump most of the PBW from the reservoir.

Pull the components out of the reservoir and place them in a colander to rinse before dumping the remaining cleaning solution from the washer. Rinse the washer thoroughly with warm water and refill it with clean, hot water.

Next, I give the kegs a rinse with my rinse sprayer to get most of the cleaner out. After, they’ll go back to the washer with the fresh water. Be sure to put the ball lock disconnect back on the beer post before placing the keg on the washer. I let the rinse cycle run for just a few minutes and replace the water each time.

Put the spare disconnect on the beer post to allow the water to drain out of the tube. Flip the keg upside down to get as much rinse water out as possible.

Reverse the placement of kegs after rinsing – moving them to the opposite side and right-side up. 

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